Running Groups

I have never been in a running group. Running has always seemed like a solitary activity. But I was invited a week or two ago to join a running group with a friend. I started to decline when I rethought my position on it. Sure no one likes to be sweaty and gross around other people, but why wasn’t I doing it?

Since my first running kick last year, I have fallen off the bandwagon and it has been like torture to make myself get back on. I get home from work, and I am tired. I have ten thousand things I need to do, and it is hard make the time. So running always gets pushed to the back burner. With a running group I have real, actual people waiting for me–depending on me to show up. If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is.


Second, I used to think of writing as a solitary activity until I joined a writing group. It may have been the best decision I have ever made. I love my writing group. They have all been an amazing inspiration for me. Hopefully the running group works the same.

So I broke the pattern and said yes. I am now a member of a running group.  I am doing the Jingle Bell 5k in December. I want to improve my time, run the whole thing, and hopefully continue with the races. Once I conquer this 5k business I can move on to 10ks.

Writing is for mind, eating right is for my body, running is for my soul. (Okay maybe that is cheesy, it is definitely for my stress though)


2 thoughts on “Running Groups

  1. I haven’t done a running group before, but I plan on joining one for training for my next big race. For my first marathon, I had a dedicated running partner who was training for the same race and it really helped. For my upcoming marathon, I’ve been training mostly by myself and doing occasional runs with friends, but this cycle has been very bumpy. I think the difference is that I don’t have anyone with the same goal I do.

    Best of luck!

    • A marathon is amazing! Good luck. Maybe someday I will get to that point. I am really excited about the running group. It is being lead by a personal trainer who will give us running strength training exercises and stretches. I am hoping to pick up some good habits. Thanks for coming by. I am still figuring out WordPress.

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