Supernatural Recap 7-1

Meet The New Boss- recap and opinions.
Last week #Supernatural season 7 premiered. Season 6 wasn’t my favorite season, but still more original and entertaining than nearly any other show on television. This blog post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched, plan on watching, or may someday watch Supernatural stop reading now.
I mean it, stop reading.
You’ve been warned.

Okay, so if you are still reading I assume you have seen the episode and know what is going on in the Winchester world.

Last season we ended with Cas losing his power hungry marbles and declaring himself God–not a change I supported. This season picked up right where it left off. I might be wrong about this, but I think the only other season to pick up exactly where the previous season left off is season 2 when it starts back up after the accident (love that episode). Anyway, Cas has obviously ran out to left field and decided it was a nice place to stay for a while. After he decided not to smite the Winchesters or Bobby (we all appreciate that, thank you), he goes off to punish sinners. He is taking out the KKK, people who use God to get ahead in the world, and generally unsavory characters. He is cleaning up the perceived mess. It cracked me up when he changed the stain glass window to his image, oh Cas.

Meanwhile, Sam is dealing with the walls being down, Bobby doesn’t have the answers, and Dean is pouting and working on his car.  Their big question is what are they going to do about Cas. This is an excellent question and as Dean points out, when God is feeling righteous it is best to stay out of His way. Sam wants to try to talk to Cas again, and Bobby just knows they should do something.

Back with Cas he makes a deal with Crowley that Crowley can be the king of hell and take the souls Cas gives him. Cas is leaving hell in existence because he needs something to threaten people with–so he basically has Crowley over the barrel here. Things quickly go from bad to worse with Cas. His body starts deteriorating because it cannot handle all the souls, and people are fearing him not loving him. Life isn’t always flowers and sausages when you are an overly confident angel.

The boys and Bobby also visit with Crowley to see if he can help them with Cas. Crowley gets them a spell to bind Death and make him do their bidding (cause that’s a good idea). They bring a peace offering of pickle chips hoping to smooth things over.  They want Death to kill Cas (I do think this is a tad of an overreaction. I mean it is Cas for crying out loud). Cas appears and Death mocks him (totally deserved) and tells us about Leviathans, but doesn’t kill him. Cas frees Death and seems hurt by the boys actions (well they are his only friends). Cas leaves and heads to a political campaign. He starts talking to them then wakes up in the middle of a massacred room. Death agrees to make another eclipse so they can reopen purgatory and make Cas put all the souls back.

Cas is surprisingly easy to convince, but all does not go as planned (what does in the Supernatural world). Dean half heartedly accepts Cas’s apology (obviously still angry, though he seems upset when he thinks he died). Then Cas comes back just a normal angel or so it seems. Then in the last 15 second everything changes. Misha Collins pulls off a seamless transformation from sweet lovable Cas to crazy completely different Leviathan Cas. Amazing.

My thoughts:
-I did not love having power hungry Cas, and I am so glad that was short lived. Leviathan Cas is freaking awesome! Love it so much I might burst.

-I am concerned about Dean. I don’t mind the drinking, whatever it’s Dean, but it does bother me that he didn’t try harder with Cas. Last season he told Sam and Bobby that Cas was like family to him, and we all know Dean NEVER gives up on family. So why wouldn’t he try to talk to Cas? They have a more profound bond. Dean convinced Cas to leave Heaven and help him for Pete’s sake. If any character could get through to him it was him. Was it all because Cas took down the walls in Sam’s mind. Is that a line once crossed in Dean’s book can never go back? I love the relationship between Dean and Cas, so I hope that is explored further this season.

-What are the boys going to do this season without the normal hunter information banks to fall back on? This is a monster hardly anyone knows anything about. Very good plot twist.

-Love all the characters they brought back this episode. Crowley, Lucifer, Death, oh my!

-Love the new title card too

Needless to say I can’t wait for the next episode tonight. What are you most looking forward to this season?


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