Supernatural Recap- 702

Hello, Cruel World

This will contain spoilers so stop reading.

Holy crap!?!?! Did that seriously happen?

Castiel had the most unsatisfying of all Supernatural exits. Bobby is missing and his house is in ashes. Sam is very nearly crazy. And poor Dean doesn’t have a hell of a lot going for him. *flail*

I will start with I loved the episode even though it hurt me. *masochist* Hello, Cruel World picks up where the other left off (very appropriate title). I was all geared up for Leviathan Cas and it is over within 3 minutes. Cas is dead, a sad trench coat washes to shore, and Dean is the new Leviathan target. Noooooooo! Sam is battling Lucifer (love Mark Pellegrino so so so much!) and the Leviathan’s a spreading out now that they aren’t in Cas.

We got the Supernatural special–the super creepy, murderous, little girl–and plenty gore. The Leviathan’s take up residence in the Sioux Falls Hospital because surgeons can cut out any organs they want (ha!) which makes it easy for the Leviathans to feed. The Sheriff Bobby knows from Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, Jody Mills, is back and alerts Bobby to the fact that something weird is happening at the hospital. Meanwhile Dean is investigating a massacre of a high school swim team. Sam is dealing with being mentally bitch slapped by Lucifer. The Leviathan’s immediately recognize Bobby, Sam is lead to a warehouse by a Dean hallucination, and Dean goes back to Bobby’s house then to look for Sam. Dean finds Sam and talks him down by showing him that the pain on earth is different from the pain in hell. Sam is still teetering but better than was. They get a call from Bobby about the Leviathans so they all rush back to meet at Bobby’s house. When they get there the house is a smoldering pile of ash and no Bobby to be found. Dean is freaking out leaves Bobby a message about if he is dead Dean will drive both himself and Sam off a cliff.  There is a Leviathan at the house though, who points out that they should be flattered to be competent enough to warrant annihilating. By the end of the battle Dean has a broken leg, Sam has been whacked in the head and the Leviathan has a car on top of him. Dean calls an ambulance. Lucifer shows back up in the ambulance, Sam starts to seize, and Dean finds out they are being taken to the Leviathan hospital. No good!


-Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki did an AMAZING job this episode.

-I love the urgent tone and pace of this season so far.

-I sort of hope Sam keeps the hallucination because it would mean more Mark Pellegrino and that is never a bad thing.

-I don’t believe Castiel is really dead. I have faith the Supernatural writers would not have given him such a lame exit. My theory is he is the Leviathan boss who is referred to but not shown. We didn’t actually see him explode (and even if he did explode it wouldn’t be the first time he came back from that) I think the other Leviathans left his body and the main one held on.

-How in the world will the boys kills these things. Dropping a car on it didn’t work, silver shotgun pellets didn’t work, and they have no Bobby to research. Eeek!

Once again, I can’t wait until next week.


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