31 Days of Horror Movies: The Stepfather (1987)

I reached back into my childhood of horror movies for this one. I watched the remake when it came out and meh, missing some of the charm of the older one. Yes, the acting is bad, but the effects aren’t too bad and there is a believable element to this story. In 1987 technology wasn’t what it is today so pulling off something like this makes more sense. Plus it has Terry O’Quinn–enough said.



The movie starts in the house of a freshly murdered family while O’Quinn is in the bathroom shaving off the worst beard ever! After he successfully changes his appearance he walks down the stairs and you get to see the carnage while whistling (sick bastard). One year later Jerry (O’Quinn) is married to a woman with one terribly annoying daughter. If you can get past the girl’s whiny voice, you might actually root for her survival. One of the elements I love most about this movie is there are no twists. I mean twists have sort of become cliche to the point you are expecting them and looking for them but not with the Stepfather. You know what to expect. They pretty much tell you with the beginning. The whole movie is build up and anticipation. When will he snap? Will he make it out? Well you have to watch to find out!


2 thoughts on “31 Days of Horror Movies: The Stepfather (1987)

  1. I’ve never seen the original, but according to my girlfriend it’s a classic (i think she has issues.) Anyway, we’ve had the remake on our DVR for almost a year now… i suppose we should probably watch it sometime. Although your “meh” doesn’t give me too much hope.

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