Supernatural Thursday: Carnivals

Carnivals are creepy.
It’s true, no need to deny it.
They can have scary employees who smell like cabbage and no one blinks an eye.
There are too many lights and noises.
Crowds pushing and shoving their way to rides that have a history of falling apart.
Oh, and clowns.
But even with the creepy clowns they aren’t as scary now as they used to be.
I wrote a short story about a killer clown ghost to submit to an anthology
And I came across the “side show” posters in my internet research scouring
 That crazy monkey isn’t even scared of the devil, and he rolls with ladies in bikinis. The original Dos Equus guy, perhaps.
 There’s only one word for this- creepy
 What is that giant spider lady doing? Eating her trainer that’s what.
I  like that they have her tagged as “Alive”. There is horseman in Sleepy Hollow she should check out feel.
My killer clown story was selected for the anthology.
It is called Up Close and Evil and will be released this Halloween.

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