Meeting The Resistence

~When Your Goals Are Met With Less Than Enthusiastic Support or Sabotage~

While coming up with goals for this coming year; I included my Husband because a clean eating overhaul doesn’t only affect me. My kids roll with it, but I also am married to one of the worlds pickiest and stubborn people.

Our conversation went a little like this: Me- “I’m trying to come up with goals that correlate with a healthier lifestyle in 2012. What are some of the things you are willing to implement?” Him- “Ummm exercising every day for 30 minutes.” Me- “Ok, what else?” Him- “I’m good.” Later that day, he posted this on his Facebook Profile:

You think he was trying to tell me something?! *insert eye roll here* So, what do we do when met with resistance? When the goals we want to implement have an effect on others who oppose change…. even if it’s for the best? Me? I say too damn bad and make the changes anyway… He can starve hahahaha!

Cheers to 2012 and accomplishing our goals!

~M.D. Christie~


3 thoughts on “Meeting The Resistence

  1. My trouble is my husband’s idea of dieting. Eating broccoli and tuna for each and every meal….So not going to happen. Plus I think I may have been Italian in a past life…

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