If Change Weren’t Hard, Everyone Would Do It

Week one is officially in the books. Holy crap that was the longest week ever! I managed to do yoga 5 mornings and eat healthy all week. I lost five pounds this week, though I have no doubt most of that is probably water weight. It is still encouraging, and I can’t wait until my clothes start fitting a lot differently. One week may not be a big deal, but the first couple weeks of any big change are always the hardest. So many excuses come up on why I can’t do it or why I should start tomorrow or whatever.

The top excuses I had to overcome this week.

  1. I am too busy. It’s true, I am busy. A lot of people are busy. It isn’t easy to make dinner every night and my breakfast and lunch every morning. It isn’t easy, but it is doable. How I overcame this excuse was I planned ahead. I made my lunches the night before and this weekend I made three dinners for the upcoming week and froze them.
  2. I am too tired. 6am is really, really early for me. I stay up late at night because that is when I get most of my writing and editing done. So running on 4-5 hours of sleep is hard and also not wise. I will have to make a concession somewhere, and I need to do the yoga. I have decided to cut back on my internet and television time and write and edit earlier so I can go to sleep at a more reasonable hour.

Goals for this week

  1. Do cardio 3 days for 20 minutes.
  2. Do free weights 3 days

Motivation: Trip to Vegas in one month!


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