A Smoothie Criminal

Holiday weeks always throw me off, but I am still chucking along.

My biggest struggle this week is to find a workout schedule I can maintain, doesn’t leave me exhausted, and burns enough calories to make it worth my time. Week one I did yoga every morning at 6am. It worked okay, but by 10:00pm I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open (not good because that is when I do most of my writing). Week two I ran on the elliptical after work every other day for 20 minutes, but I felt like I should be doing more. Week three I have been extra busy and sporadic. I have done some yoga and some running but no real schedule. So my plan for week four is 20 minutes on the elliptical Monday, Wednesday, Friday and free weights, and yoga Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and stomach and leg exercises. Hopefully this is a schedule that will all allow for enough exercise and enough sleep—fingers crossed.

For the recipe today I am going to talk smoothies.

First, I am not a breakfast person. Huge downfall on my part. I know I am supposed to eat breakfast everyday to help my metabolism, and I try. Smoothies work the very best with me. I can still sleep late and drink them on my way to work or while I am at work so they are convenient. Another thing I like about smoothies is I can pack them full of delicious yet nutritious food I wouldn’t normally eat for breakfast.

I have two favorite types of smoothies: green monsters and oatmeal smoothies.

Green Monster– Let me just start with saying I love these so much. They are always delicious, energy boosting, and amazingly good for you. They are also so versatile I could have a different one every morning.  There are very few rules with green monsters you put in them what you like. The base, and the green, comes from spinach or kale. I personally use spinach. Other than that you can put anything you like in the green monster to flavor it.

Liz’s favorite version:

1 tbsp Chai or Flax seeds

2 handfuls of spinach

1 banana

½ cup blueberries

½ scoop Mango infused Amazing Grass Green Superfood powder (it is a powdered wheat grass)

About 1 cup of Almond Milk

¼ cup cranberry juice

Directions- Stack in blender or food processor just as I listed them and blend until smooth and enjoy!

For more information on green monsters or more recipes check out www.greenmonstermovement.com

Oatmeal Smoothie– I love oatmeal. It may be my favorite breakfast food so when I can across this recipe on Pinterest I knew I had to try it and boy am I glad I did. It is delicious and filling. It is a wonderful way to add a little variety to my green monster week.

Liz’s version:

1tbsp Chai or Flax seeds

1 Cup of ice

½ cup of frozen strawberries

½ cup of rolled oats

½ cup plain yogurt

1 tsp of honey

1 cup of almond milk

¼ cup of pomegranate juice

Directions: Put ingredients in blender or food processor, blend until smooth and enjoy. The orginal recipe can be found on www.marthastewart.com

So these are the breakfasts I have during the week when I am my most busy and they are always satisfying and do not sit too heavily on my stomach. On the weekend I venture into the cooking world a bit more. This was my favorite creation last weekend.

1 whole multigrain English muffin

1 hardboiled egg





What is your favorite healthy breakfast? How do you manage working out with a busy schedule?


One thought on “A Smoothie Criminal

  1. Nice post! That oatmeal smoothie sounds deeelish. I finally got into a work out routine that works and I found that waking up early is always a fail and leaves me tired. So I go to vociferous,yoga,dance or conditioning classes after work 🙂 and by the time I get home I’m tired eat a lil dinner and knock out!

    As for breakfast I love steel oats and a banana.

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