Healthified Black-Eyed Pea Nachos

Hello! I have been busy as usual, but a new book is out! Yay. Welcome to the world, Easy Bake Coven. However, more on point, I have been cooking up a storm. Tonight I reworked a recipe I found on Whole Foods for black-eyed pea nachos. How this came about was I bought a can … Continue reading

Gumbo Not Jumbo

It has been cold and dreary here which put me in the mood for warm tasty winter food. The sort that warms your feet and your soul. Inspired by recent discussions of a trip to New Orleans, I tried a healthy low calorie dinner from Eat Better America. (my additions are in bold) Chicken and … Continue reading

A Smoothie Criminal

Holiday weeks always throw me off, but I am still chucking along. My biggest struggle this week is to find a workout schedule I can maintain, doesn’t leave me exhausted, and burns enough calories to make it worth my time. Week one I did yoga every morning at 6am. It worked okay, but by 10:00pm … Continue reading

Stuffed Strawberries

Wednesday! We are half way there. I have had company visiting this week, so I prepared most of my dinners on Sunday. When I get home from work I pop dinner in the oven and visit with my aunt all evening. It has made for a relaxing week, which is always needed. I have been … Continue reading

Meeting The Resistence

~When Your Goals Are Met With Less Than Enthusiastic Support or Sabotage~ While coming up with goals for this coming year; I included my Husband because a clean eating overhaul doesn’t only affect me. My kids roll with it, but I also am married to one of the worlds pickiest and stubborn people. Our conversation … Continue reading