Gumbo Not Jumbo

It has been cold and dreary here which put me in the mood for warm tasty winter food. The sort that warms your feet and your soul. Inspired by recent discussions of a trip to New Orleans, I tried a healthy low calorie dinner from Eat Better America. (my additions are in bold) Chicken and … Continue reading

Why we carve Jack-o’-lanterns

There is a long tradition of carving lanterns from vegetables throughout Ireland and Britain, but immigrants to North America used the native pumpkin. Turnips were carved into lanterns in Ireland as a way of remembering the souls in purgatory. They were left on the doorsteps on All’s Hallows Eve along with a treat of some sort to ward off evil … Continue reading

Top Five Scary Books

Today I am guest posting over at All Things Books about my top five scary books of all time. It was a tough list to narrow done, but I think I have my bases covered. Stop by if you have a chance and tell us your favorite.

Supernatural Thursday: Carnivals

Carnivals are creepy. It’s true, no need to deny it. They can have scary employees who smell like cabbage and no one blinks an eye. There are too many lights and noises. Crowds pushing and shoving their way to rides that have a history of falling apart. Oh, and clowns. But even with the creepy … Continue reading

What Movies Teach Us About Genetically Engineered Fish

My coworker told me this morning about a new genetically engineered salmon that was just approved for American consumption. My immediate response at just hearing the words “genetically engineered salmon” was “Sounds like we’re asking for a Resident Evil type situation.” Coworker shook his head and continued to inform me about these fish. I don’t … Continue reading

31 Days of Horror Movies: Halloween H20

I love the Halloween franchise. Sure it has had its hiccups, but Michael Myers is the best super villain ever. I said it. The. Best. One. He is sneaky, he lurks, he waits, he hides, and he is the stuff nightmares are made of. Halloween H20 was the rebirth of the franchise for me. Around … Continue reading